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Evergreen Healthcare - Not just Quality of Care; Quality of Life

Statement of Purpose

Aims of the home

The home has been designed to provide personal residential care as required by the Care Quality Commission. Please use the following link to read our most recent inspection reports.

We provide a home for elderly people of both sexes over the age of 65; and take people of any race or religious persuasion.

The home fosters an atmosphere of care and support which enables our residents to live as full, interesting and independent lifestyles as their physical conditions allow them.

Rules and regulations are kept to a minimum, and our residents have a say in what these are.

Dignity and Independence are everyone’s right. Our residents are consulted about all facts of the home, and made to feel that they have a role to play in the running of the home itself.

Our residents have been known to join in our staff training seminars; nothing is denied to them, it is a home in which they are all the major players.


At The Hollies we are committed to providing quality services for our residents by caring, competent, well trained staff in a homely setting.

This is achieved by:

  • A comprehensive staff development programme
  • Recruiting staff who share our values, and help to enhance our homely atmosphere
  • Providing such resources as are required to ensure that training is up to date and effective

At The Hollies we have been fortunate enough to fulfill our requirement for training to the CQC 2 years ahead of schedule – our training is so successful that we are able to offer our services to other homes in the area to enable them to meet our standards.

Residents views will always be listened to, and they will always be consulted about the plan of care and the risks. Residents will have regular meetings with the staff and the owners to enable them to have some say in how the home is run.

The home has fully trained catering staff, ensuring that residents have a choice of food. Menus meet all the required dietary needs and are well balanced.

The home is a safe and secure place to live, and meets all the current requirements. Locks on bedroom are not fitted as standard but residents can have them fitted if required. All rooms have a lockable area and a safe is available if needed.

Residents' Rights

  • The right to be called by the name of your choice
  • The right to care for yourself as far as you are able to
  • The right to take personal responsibility for your own actions and expect all staff to accept that a degree of risk is involved
  • The right to personal privacy at all times and a right to lock your own room door if you require
  • The right to independence
  • The right to have your dignity respected and to be treated as an individual
  • The right to receive an anti-discriminatory service which is responsive to your race, religion, culture, language, gender, sexuality, disability and age
  • The right to live your chosen life style
  • The right of access to your own personal records and information relating to decisions made with all staff that affect your life, and where necessary to be assisted with this
  • The right to take an active part in any decision about daily living arrangements that affect your life
  • The right of access to outside agencies of your choice e.g doctor, optician, chiropodist etc., and where necessary to be assisted with this
  • The right to look after your own medicines,  if you are able to do so
  • The right to control your own finances, if you are able to do so
  • The right to make personal life choices such as what food you eat and what time you get up and go to bed
  • The right to be involved in your own care plan and be involved in any formal reviews of your needs, which take place at regular intervals
  • The right to access a formal complaints procedure and to be represented by a friend, relative or adviser if necessary
  • The right to participate in voting at elections

Privacy & Dignity

Dignity and Independence is everyone’s right, and just because people enter a care home this should not change.
All our residents are treated as individuals, enabling them to lead a full and varied life and to become self-motivated as their physical and mental condition will allow.

Admission Criteria

The Hollies is registered for 40 clients of the category of older people. The current residents all have varying needs; these can currently be met by the staff.

The home will cater for older people who for one reason or the other cannot live independently, or the level of care required is greater than that which is available within the community.

We cater for the following:

  • Elderly over 65 requiring Long Term Care
  • Elderly over 65 requiring Short Term Care
  • Elderly over 65 requiring Phased Care
  • Elderly over 65 requiring Respite Care
  • Elderly over 65 requiring Day Care

Whilst the above list is only a guideline, the home has its own assessment criteria, and once this has been completed, discussions will take place between the referring authority, the clients family and the home staff ensuring that all aspects of care have been looked at, and that the home will be able to meet these needs without detriment to others.


Religion is very important to our residents, to be able to continue with their belief is often very comforting to them. All denominations visit the home, whether it is just for a chat, or for Holy Communion, no one is missed out.


The Hollies maintains an open policy for visiting; families and friends are welcome at any time, and are able to stay for meals if notice is given.

Families play an important role within the home, and a very good relationship exists between them and the home staff.
Some families take the residents out with them, and some will join us for our trips out, our quiz nights or to watch the entertainment.

a selection of images from inside the home