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Evergreen Healthcare - Not just Quality of Care; Quality of Life


Our food is very important, and good cooking is always the order of the day.


Our food is always varied, interesting, well presented in every respect, and above all our residents are offered a choice of food. Often our residents are so content, that putting on weight in a habit. We have subtle ways of controlling calories so diets are never mentioned. Diabetic diets and other essential diets are catered for, and all our meals are made as interesting as possible.


We buy all our fruit and vegetables locally, and our main meals and tea menu are provided by Apetito - this ensures we know residents are getting the recommended intake of calories, sugar, salt, fat, fibre and carbohydrates. Our breakfast is cooked inhouse and varies from day to day.

Residents always have a choice and if there is an item on the menu which they do not like or fancy that day, we will always ensure they have something they will enjoy to eat.


Joining your relatives/friends for a meal is a sure way of finding out the quality of our fares, all we ask is you arrange if with the staff 24 hours in advance.

Our bar is always open, and sherry, wine and beer always make a meal taste better. We offer our residents and relatives the chance to have Sunday lunch in our coffee shop once a month, this enables the feeling of a restaurant setting but in a fun and safe surrounding.

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